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Uranus Image 2019/11/27(UT)


Here are Uranus images from November 27th taken in reasonable seeing,
sufficient for us to attempt r-g-b captures even though this planet peaks at just over 40 & across the entire length of Adelaide suburbia. ;)
The NP region displays that pinkish (or red influenced) hue others have picked up in good conditions without any colour manipulation whatsoever
- the red filter image displaying this in the contrast variation that depicts the brighter NP regions. 
There is an iR610nm image wherein the NP "might" posses a darker cap, 
as well as a 2-frame animation in iR610nm which does seem to display vague movement of obscure shading,
but which on the balance of probability is most likely meaningless. 

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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