Uranus Spectra 2018/12/9 by Christophe.P

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Uranus Spectra 2018/12/9 by Christophe.P

Uranus Spectra 2018/12/9 by Christophe.P
After months of work I'm sending more results on my Uranus'spectroscopic observation of last year. 
For this last data, my interest was to try to calibrate in intensity the spectrum of the planet. 
The idea is simply to experiment more ways of comparing data through the years.
Because a complete explanation of how I got those results would far exceed the capacity of an e-mail, 
I have re-opened my old Astrosurf website with some complete articles:

1)The spectrum of Uranus in absolute flux
  Explanation http://www.astrosurf.com/pellier/uranus_absolute-flux.html 
  I have "misused" the concept of absolute flux spectrum to process the Uranus spectrum. 
  With some limits explained in the article, this was a rather easy result.

2)Calculating BVRI Johnson magnitudes
  This has been complicated and asked for a great amount of work and observations. 
  I'm using an experimental method of spectrophotometry. Please read:
  And the results:
  The results may still lack accuracy but I'm currently on the learning curve.
  On the website you will find more experiences in photometry (on variable stars)

Despite the modest equipment I'm using, this is supposed to be a serious project so if you have any comment or critic, 
please send them to me.

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