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Saturn Image 2019/12/06(UT)

Trevor Barry

Trevor Barry
Imaged Saturn December 6th in reasonable seeing for the alt. 
The North Polar hexagon and polar vortex are well seen but for sure the highlight is the long lived EZ feature which is resolved. 
It is best seen in the 742nm-Pass IR animation where I have marked it, I measure it to be at approx Lat+7.9 L1 204.8

I have tracked this feature since 2014 and it has quite unique morphology, 
it is a large bright feature which has a dark partial outline below and to its P side. 
Over the years the contrast of this feature has been quite variable,
sometimes the whole feature is very contrasty and easily seen while other times there is considerably less contrast and it is more difficult to see. 
I was very pleased to capture this so late in the apparition.

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