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Saturn Image 2019/11/14(UT)

Trevor Barry

Trevor Barry
Imaged Saturn November 14th in interesting conditions. The planet itself was well defined as was the ring system and Cassini division but the whole thing was subject to a continuous rapid gyration. I was surprised to get any sort of a result at all from the data and it reflects great credit on Emil Kraaikamp and the ability of his AutoStakkert software to align and stack these data to make any sense at all from the apparent chaotic movement at capture. All of the large scale detail of the planet has come together quite well but the fine discrete detail that would have been there has suffered. The most obvious large scale resolved feature is the ripple on the edge of the EZ impinging into the NEB toward the P limb best seen in the IR animation. There was a CM transit of the 2010 GWS AV at approx 09:50 UTC during this session. I have a data set centered on 09:48 UT and the AV is present but very difficult to see.

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