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Saturn Image 2019/08/28(UT)

Trevor Barry,Paul Maxson,Antonio Lasala Garcia

Trevor Barry
Imaged Saturn August 28th 2019 in fair to good seeing targeting a CM transit of the 2010 GWS AV.  This AV is resolved best in 685nm-Pass IR although it was also resolved in the R channel from this session. The vertices of the North Polar Hexagon are well resolved at all wavelengths as is the North Polar Vortex. The IR and R data resolves detail and structure within the NPR but not to the extent of my Aug 22nd data. The RGB data also hints at structure within the NPR but suffered somewhat from not so great G & B data. The IR and R animations help to highlight the NPR structure and the more prominent detail within it. The IR animation covers 1 hr 35 mins of Saturn rotation. The 2010 GWS AV is resolved as a dark spot; it is embedded in a slightly brighter annulus,that structure was very nicely captured in the HST OPAL data June 20th 2019. In these data I measure the AV to be at approx Lat+42.8 L3 141.7





[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]

Paul Maxson

[ Paul Maxson:Surprise,Arizona,United States]

Antonio Lasala

[Antonio Lasala :Morata de Jalon:Spain]

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