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Saturn Image 2019/07/31(UT)
Peter Edwards,Mike Hood,Trevor Barry

Peter Edwards
Much better seeing for Saturn than Jupiter in the twilight.

[Peter Edwars: West Sussex United Kingdom]

Tadashi Horiuch

ss{FsAxt[T.Horiuchi: Uji- City Kyoto Japan]

Mike Hood
Saturn seen in poor seeing and transparency.

[Mike Hood : Kathleen Georgia,U.S.A.]

Trevor Barry
Imaged Saturn July 31st 2019 in good seeing targeting the 2010 GWS AV, have very good data.
The 685nm-Pass IR data best resolves the GWS AV while it also is seen in the R channel data. It is difficult to see this feature in RGB but it is there albeit very faintly. The most prominent detail resolved by wavelength from this session; The IR data nicely resolves the GWS AV it is a dark spot seemingly embedded in a faint brighter annulus. I measure it to be at approx Lat+42.8 L3 181 the IR data also resolves the ripple on the Northern edge of the EZ at approx Lat+16.2 L1 298.3 the IR also resolves a linear feature within the EZ; The R channel data also resolves the GWS AV along with a compact dark spot at approx Lat+60.4 L3 208.9 a bright spot is resolved at approx Lat+28.7 L3 171.2 the R data also resolves a thin bright linear feature in the NEB very close to the edge of the EZ. The RGB data also resolves the bright spot at Lat+28.7. The Ch4 data also resolves the linear feature within the EZ. All data well resolves the North polar hexagon and Polar vortex with IR and R data also resolving the morphology of the NPR. I have animations of IR, R and RGB data sets which particularly well show the rotation of the polar hex vertices.





[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]

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