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Saturn Image 2019/07/08(UT)

Trevor Barry,Paul Maxson

Trevor Barry
Saturn data captured July 8th 2019 in very good seeing.
The 685nm-Pass IR and R channel data very well resolve the morphology of the north polar storm remnant.
The RGB data also resolves this structure but it is more muted by the G & B data.
Within the polar storm structure there are resolved quite intricate details with many brighter and darker components.
The most obvious of these is a compact dark spot at approx Lat+65 L3 346.2.
The IR data also well resolves a bright spot at approx Lat+22.6 L3 4.2 while the R channel data resolves a bright spot at approx Lat+29.1 L3 322.9.
There are other spots that can be seen by blinking image pairs.
There is a linear feature within the EZ which is apparent in all IR,R & RGB data,this seems to have a rough edge to it,more pronounced on the southern edge,
which can be seen well in the IR,R and RGB animations. Maybe this is an elevated feature throwing a shadow to the south.
I note that this linear feature also is seen in the Ch4 data.








[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]

Paul Maxson

[ Paul Maxson:Surprise,Arizona,United States]

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