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Saturn Image 2019/06/07(UT)

Avani Soares,Trevor Barry

Avani Soares
A Saturn with good resolution,bands and easily visible Hexagon polarity,clear Cassini division and some traces of Encke's division.
Ring C quite distinct in the photo on the IR as well as the eye of the polar tornado.
My greatest wish would be for Saturn to have all that atmospheric activity we can see on Jupiter,if one is already good,two would be too much!

[ Observatory Parsec,City Canoas,Brazil]

Trevor Barry
Imaged Saturn June 7th in very good seeing, it is the best Saturn data I have captured since 2017. The North Polar Storm resolves into multiple bright cells instead of just a thin bright band, there is resolved detail and structure everywhere.  Below I list the highlights.
Very hi-res data, particularly the IR. Bright spots within the North Polar Storm at approx Lat+65 L3 31.1, Lat+64.2 L3 54.6, Lat+65.5 L3 71.1, Lat+64.9 L3 85.6, Lat+64.6 L3 105.9, Lat+63.2 L3 130.2, Dark spot at approx Lat+61.1 L3 170.6. 
Oval, possibly fossil of Great Storm at approx Lat+46 L3 77.9, I resolved a very similar feature at this latitude in 2018 on April 19th, May 14th, August 8th & September 16th.
Bright spot at approx Lat+30.6 L3 99.8.
Bright ripple on edge of EZ extending into NEB at approx Lat+15.5 L1 84. 
Multiple features in EZ, two dark very narrow linear features with bright spots between them, I measure the brightest of these spots to be at approx Lat-0.2 L1 102.1
Every time I start blinking IR data sets I see more detail, when I get time I intend going back again through these data, this time I stacked 85% of all data but I think I could stack even more of it.
The IR animation is stunning, it represents 2 hrs of Saturn rotation.







[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]

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