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Saturn Image 2019/03/11(UT)

Eric Sussenbach,Trevor Barry

Eric Sussenbach

[Eric Sussenbach : [ Willemstad,Curacao (Dutch Caribbean)]

Trevor Barry
Imaged Saturn this morning, March 11th. The North Polar Hexagon and polar vortex are well seen.  Have resolved the long lived EZ feature which I measure to be at approx Lat+5 L3 150.7 L1 111.7
Also have resolved a component of the North Polar storm, a small condensed bright spot at approx Lat+65.1 L3 163.7
Have also attached an animation which nicely shows the EZ feature and bright spot from the polar storm. The spot comes in from the direction of the F limb and moves across to just short of the CM.


[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]

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