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Saturn Image 2019/03/10(UT)

Clyde Foster,Paul Maxson

Clyde Foster
I concentrated on Saturn again this morning and was rewarded with another view of the large equatorial cloud.
It was visible in IR,R,G and B images as well as the RGB (If anyone is interested in the B and G,please let me know and I will send)
I measured the system III longitude of the cloud from my R image of 7 March at 330 deg,and the longitude from this morning at 212 deg.
This gives an approximate drift rate of +-39deg/day.

I should have also mentioned that,although not very clear,I believe the polar disturbance is seen in the R and IR,
and appears to be quite complex.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Paul Maxson

[ Paul Maxson:Surprise,Arizona,United States]

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