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Venus Image 2018/11/30(UT)
Stanislas Maksymowicz

Stanislas Maksymowicz
Good images Under dawn light of the sky,becoming worst after 7H45UT.
All the colored filter serie was used to see some pattern modification.
In fact Nothing was noted substantially different from the RG435 to the W29 filters
(RG435,W11,W8,W29 and Nothing,WF).
On Crescent,the banding pattern appeared conspiscious,
stunned to see Nothing from imagers with such.
On dark side,I noted again a faint light on,with some shadows on,
south and north limbs of the dark side near poles showing a thin light arc bordered with a thin lighted band against.
Color of this DS was problematic,rather yellowish but with suspiscious,
the Cassegrain being achromatic fully and planet phase being 0.25x.

Can be Under criticisms but not sure that imagers master the demonstrated acquisition chain
and especially the targets in matter of feature of contrast reachable on a momment!
No theory and derivated,but practical performance on a data,
Is there a marker than be representative on a momment? Question set again?

Sorry Alpo Jpn gents,but this is a question raised since 2010,2015,no matter of Bodies legality and force,
just views,documened raised for Venus and Uranus.
No yellow jackets (France) here! We are doing things here,too based on theorical consid rations only.
Sorry. Stupid at least!
Sorry for the observers who are publishing on the site with their own means and sites,
personnally I am reading ALL,because their jobs/ efforts,a data can raise from.

[Stanislas Maksymowicz  Ecquevilly,France]

Takaaki Murata

ᓌs  s  cF[Takaaki Murata: Tokyo Japan]

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