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Venus Image 2018/04/05(UT)

Paul G. Abel

Paul G. Abel
The planet is still showing a large phase, but can be easily found in the day time sky. Seeing largely poor but a number of things to note:
Illuminated Disk: There seemed to be a darker cloud streak to the far south. This was best seen in W15 and W47- much harder to see in the W21 filter.  
There were other vague streaks to the north. 
Bright Limb Band-: Best seen in the W21 filter (visible and complete). Terminator: Geometrically regular.
Cusp Caps: Initially hard to make out but then it seemed that the southern cusp cap was quite large and bright this seemed to be the case in the W15 and W21 filters.
Cusp Collars: Unseen.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]

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