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Uranus Image 2018/11/09(UT)

Frank J Melillo,Vincenzo della Vecchia
Frank,V.della Vecchia

Frank J Melillo

[Frank J Melillo  Holtsville NY U.S.A]

Vincenzo della Vecchia
Despite not big aperture of my telescope, I tried to shot Uranus confident in opposition and quite good seeing. 
I obtained a number of videos in which the polar bright region and dark belts are visibile; rotating the camera,
these features rotated with planet, their disposition is compatible with polar axis so I incline to believe they represent real details. 
Maybe the edge of the belt is a little irreguar compared to best Uranus images captured by amateur telescopes; nevertheless,
I thought it was almost impossibile to catch something on Uranus with a C8 and  I am quite happy with these results.

Animation shows the rotation of 4 of main Uranus satellites, in approximately 3 hours.

As outlined in my previous report, it seems there is an irregularity on the equatorial belt of the planet that could be a real feature.

[Vincenzo della Vecchia : [Aversa,Italy]

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