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Saturn Image 2018/08/16(UT)

Damian Peach,Fernando Silva Correa,Enrico Punzo

Damian Peach
This was taken last night by one of the other Chilescope guys whilst i decided to go bed!
Sadly i missed some excellent seeing,but he did take a single IR capture which i processed and present here.
I'm sure this result would have been far better with lots more data. A lesson learned the hard way!

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]

Fernando Silva Correa

[Fernando Silva Correa: Santiago,Chile]

Enrico Punzo
16/08/ 2018.  21.21 UT  
Milan - Italy
CMI 37.8 CMIII167.7
Seeing Poor
Celestron c11 asi224mc
Duration 185sec

[Enrico Punzo : [Cesano Boscone Milano,Italy]

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