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Saturn Image 2018/04/15(UT)
Clyde Foster,Christopher Go
C.Foster,Christopher Go,T.Ohsugi

Clyde Foster
Despite projected very poor conditions,I again attempted to capture the polar storm on Saturn this morning.
Attached RGB and R images,which appear to show the storm just passed the CM.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Christopher Go
I wasn't expecting much today.  Seeing was excellent but transparency was very poor due to clouds.
It was a good thing that I did not give up because I was really tempted to go back to sleep.
I was surprised to see that the Polar Storm has brightened!
I was expecting it to be very low contrast now but it seems to be alive again.
The polar hexagon is very low contrast in this image.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]

Tadao Ohsugi

ΐ쌧s 吙v[Tadao Ohsugi:Komatsu city Ishikawa pre,Japan]

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