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Mars Image 2018/07/24(UT)
大田 聡,山崎明宏,荒川 毅,柚木健吉,堀内 直,黒田瑞穂,熊森照明,菅野清一,安達 誠,尾崎公一
Walter Martins,Clyde Foster,David Arditti,Milika-Nicholas,Christofer Mauricio Baez Jim,Efrain Morales Rivera,Paul G. Abel,Robert Schulz,Vlamir da Silva Junior
W.Martins,S.Ota,A.Yamazaki,T.Arakawa,C.Foster,K.Yunoki,T.Horiuchi,M.Kuroda,D.Arditti,T.Kumamori,S.Kanno,Milika-Nicholas,C.Baez,E.Morales,P.Abel,M.Adachi,K.Ozaki,R.Schulz,V.da Silva Jr.

解説(安達)/ Comment by Makoto Adachi

No significant change can be seen in the clearance of SPC.
The faint part of the dust storm near Hellespontus
is clear today as well. In the image of Mr. Kumamori the inside of the SPC was recorded in detail. A streaky white part was seen,
and a complicated appearance was seen.
In the image of Mr. Milika-Nicholas,light spots on the northern side of Meridiani are also visible today. Hellas was observed
somewhat reddish. This situation was also clearly understood by Mr. Ota and the author's observation.

(by 16 observations ;reported by Makoto Adachi)

Walter Martins

[Walter Martins : SAO PAULO BRAZIL]

Satoshi Ota

[Tomigusuku city Okinawa Japan]
≪沖縄県  豊見城市  大田 聡≫


《東京都町田市、山崎明宏》[A.Yamazaki: Machida Tokyo Japan]

Tsuyoshi Arakawa

≪奈良県奈良市  荒川 毅≫[Tsuyoshi Arakawa:Nara Japan]

Clyde Foster
Mars 3 days before opposition. I had suspected some limb softening yesterday,
but today there appears to be a significant limb brightening around the planet,most noticeable in the B image.
I don’t recall anything similar in 2016- possibly due to the dust ?
S Meridiani starting to be a bit more obvious in visual wavelengths.
I will try and do a bit more work on it,but I did a quick comparison of the IR’s from yesterday and today,
specifically looking at the bright regions just south of Meridiani and Margaritifer.
My initial conclusion was that there was limited significant changes- possibly pointing to the bright regions being settled on the surface? Comments welcome.
Subtle light cloud can be seen extending off the NP region in the B image
On a lighter note,it almost appears as if the northern section of Margaritifer has detached and moved north during the storm

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

この日のヘラスはR IR撮像時にこのところでは最も明るく、南極冠よりもむしろ明るく感じた。一見ヘラスが飛び出し立体的に膨らんでいるようにも見えた。

[Kenkichi Yunoki  (Sakai City,Japan)]
≪大阪府  堺市  柚木健吉≫

Tadashi Horiuch

《京都府宇治市、堀内直》[T.Horiuchi: Uji- City Kyoto Japan]

Mizuho Kuroda

≪黒田瑞穂 : 兵庫県 太子町≫[Mizuho Kuroda : Taishi Hyogo Japan]

David Arditti
[David Arditti: Edgware Middlesex HA8 5LW: United Kingdom]

Teruaki Kumamori

≪大阪府堺市 熊森照明≫[Teruaki Kumamori:Ohsaka Japan]

Seiichi Kanno

≪山形県上山市  菅野清一≫[Seiichi Kanno:Yamagata Japan]

Obtained some reasonable results despite shooting through thin,high clouds on July 24th - these iR610nm
& r-filter captures reveal some fairly good detail with Schiaparelli almost right on the CM.

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

Christofer Mauricio Baez Jimenez
CM 137°D=24.1",Five images derotated using WinJUPOS.

[Christofer Mauricio Baez Jimenez :Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic.]

Efrain Morales Rivera

[Efrain Morales Rivera  Aguadilla:Puerto Rico]

Paul G. Abel
Attached is an observation of Mars I made on the 24th July with Jon Culshaw in Hampstead using his 6 inch SCT telescope.
We had a fine view of the Mars over London,and although the planet was low down seeing wasn't too bad.
The main feature on the disk was Solis Lacus,the bright south polar cap can be seen along with a brightening in the far north which is likely to be the northern polar hood.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]

Makoto Adachi
Syrtis Majorの南は淡くなっている。ダストストームの影響かそれとも普通の見え方かははっきりしない。
≪滋賀県  大津市  安達  誠≫[Makoto Adachi:Siga Japan]

Kimikazu Ozaki

[Ki.Ozaki,Sobue Inazawa Aichi JAPAN]
≪愛知県稲沢市祖父江町  尾崎公一≫

Robert Schulz
Here are my Mars results from my visit of the IAS observatory in Namibia July 24th 2018.
Some dust donut in the last blue frames.

[Robert Schulz,Austria]

Vlamir da Silva Junior

[Vlamir da Silva Junior : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

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