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Mars Image 2018/06/30(UT)
Javier Beltran Jovani,Michel Deconinck,Randy Tatum,Robert Heffner,Clyde Foster,Paul G. Abel,Johan Warell,Milika-Nicholas,John Sussenbach,Luis Amiama Gomez,Paul Maxson

解説(安達)/ Comment by Makoto Adachi
 極冠の上にできていたプロジェクションは、Robert Heffner氏がはっきり記録している。鈴木邦彦氏の画像にもかろうじて確認できる。
これは同一のものだ。Robert Heffner氏の画像は、ダストストームが乱れ、南極冠がよく分からない。
 Hellespontus付近の冷気の吹き出しは弱まったらしく、縦じまが淡くなった。代わってSinus Sabaeusが見えてきている。一方西経200°
 佐々木氏はMare Sirenum付近に大きな晴れ間を記録した。この晴れ間の南西部分を濃いダストストームがリング状に取り巻いている。

Mr. Robert Heffner has clearly recorded the projection that was made on the polar cap. Mr. Suzuki Kunihiko's image can be confirmed barely.
This is the same projection. The image of Mr. Robert Heffner is disturbed by the dust storm,and I do not know the SPC.
In the image of Mr. Iwasaki he is recording a short projection on the terminator near the equator. From the shape,it seems to be the
thickened part of the dust storm.
The cold air blowing near Hellespontus seemed to be weakened,and the vertical tone became faint. In the meantime Sinus Sabaeus
is appearing. On the other hand,cold air balloons are occurring around 200 degrees west longitude. Vertical circles are visible around
the polar caps. According to Suzuki 's image,there is a massive dust storm spreading around this area.
Mr. Sasaki recorded a big clearance near Mare Sirenum. A dense dust storm surrounds the ring in the southwestern part of this fine clearance.
Mr. Yamazaki recorded the figure vividly. It seems to be in a very complicated form. .

(by 17 observations ;reported by Makoto Adachi)

Javier Beltran Jovani

[Javier Beltran Jovani:Castellon-Spain]

Michel Deconinck
Observation conditions :  Seeing 7/10 (Transparence)Trans 8/10
Sketch of Mars (black pen HB and blending stump on white paper plus colorisation via Paint.net)
made with my Mewlon 250/2500.
The tempest is not ended,but through the dust I can detect the clear area of Hellas,
the south cap looks clearer with the blue filter,the north area looks strangely clear as well.
A dark patch on Arabia and another dark zone is probably the Mare Erythraeum.

[Michel Deconinck : [Artignosc-sur-Verdon,France]

Kunihiko Suzuki

[Kunihiko Suzuki : Yokohama-city Kanagawa-Prefecture Japan]
≪神奈川県  横浜市  鈴木邦彦≫

Kazuo Sasaki

[K.Sasaki:Ohsaki-City Miyagi-Prefecture Japan]
≪宮城県大崎市  佐々木一男≫

Randy Tatum
[ Randy Tatum,Richmond,VA U.S.A]

Robert Heffner
Fairly poor conditions with passing clouds,passing large trucks nearby and mediocre local seeing but squeezed one "iffy" capture in.
Observation notes are in the image itself.

[Robert Heffner:Osaka,Japan]

Clyde Foster
Very little indication of Elysium which should be coming into view.
Syrtis Major at lower right,and it appears the SPC is severely affected in this region.
Quite difficult to judge just how far to push the processing.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Nobuya Minagawa

≪東京都  立川市  皆川伸也≫[Nobuya Minagawa:Tokyo Japan]

Paul G. Abel
Attached is an observation of Mars made last night with Dr Hugh Sasse at the University of Leicester observatory.
Seeing was around AIV,but the planet seems to stand up well under poor conditions especially
as the apparent diameter of Mars is rather large.
The main points were as follows:
- The south polar cap seemed quite hard to see tonight- possibly due to dust?
- The western edge of Hellas was visible and the Hellespontus region was probably the darkest feature on the disk.
- I was surprised to be able to make out evidence of Syrtis Major- a few nights ago there was no sign of it,
although I had been using a 6 inch SCT!  The whole feature was present,
just parts of it but I had the impression that the dust maybe clearing a little in this area?
- To the far north there seemed to be a bluish white haze present on the northern limb.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]


《東京都町田市、山崎明宏》[A.Yamazaki: Machida Tokyo Japan]

中央の左側に、MARE  SIRENUMが薄く見えているようです。MARE CIMMERIUMは黄雲のせいか分かりません。

(Tutomu-Ishibashi Kanagawa-P Japan)
≪神奈川県  相模原市  石橋力≫

Johan Warell
Mars transits at less than 12 degree altitude
from here so the conditions are difficult with constant heavy turbulence,
the seeing has generally not been better than 2/10.

[Johan Warell:Lindby:Sweden]

Ryuichi Iwamasa

≪神奈川県横浜市  岩政隆一≫[Ryuichi Iwamasa:Kanagawa:Japan]


[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

John Sussenbach

[John Sussenbach:Houten,Netherlands]

Tomio Akutsu

≪茨城県 : 阿久津富夫≫

Luis Amiama Gomez
seeing: 4/5 trans:4/5,The capture was under turbulent seeing conditions.

[Luis Amiama Gomez : [Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic]

Paul Maxson

[ Paul Maxson:Surprise,Arizona,United States]

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