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Mars Image 2018/06/26(UT)
Clyde Foster,Christophe Pellier,Guilherme Grassmann,Bruce Macdonald,Simon Kidd,David Arditti,Christopher Go,Szabolcs Nagy,Damian Peach,Marc Delcroix,Efrain Morales Rivera,Milika-Nicholas,Paul Maxson,Vlamir da Silva Junior
C.Foster,Christophe.P,G.Grassmann,B.Macdonald,S.Kidd,D.Arditti,A.Hatanaka,Christopher Go,S.Nagy,D.Peach,M.Delcroix,E.Morales,Milika-Nicholas,P.Maxson,V.da Silva Jr.

解説(安達)/ Comment by Makoto Adachi
南極冠のターミネーター付近に背の高いプロジェクションが出現した。次の観測者の画像にその様子が記録された。(Clyde Foster・
Bruce Macdonald)そのほかの観測者の画像にもかすかに見られるものがあるが、はっきりしない。これは南極冠のエッジよりも少し内部
Christophe Pellier氏の画像では南極付近や北極
Bruce Macdonald氏の画像は注目される。ダストストームの濃い部分が南北の縦じまになって記録されている。おそらく南極冠の部分
の画像は興味深い。RGBだとSyrtis Majorはほとんど写らないが、IRだと非常によく見え、RGBだとダストストームの影響を大きく
Christopher Go氏の画像ではダストストームが南極冠に侵入して背の高い白雲になっている様子を記録している。本来の南極冠の緯度

Tall projections appeared near the terminator of the SPC. This state was recorded in the image of the next observer. (Mr. Clyde Foster,・
Mr. Bruce Macdonald) There are some faint images of other observers,but it is not clear. It is in a position slightly inside the edge of
the SPC. In color images it can not be judged whether white clouds or dust are rolled up. It is certain that it is a phenomenon caused
by the dust storm entering the SPC.
The SPC around 0 ° to 100 ° West west is invaded by dust storms and is hazy yellow.
In the image of Mr. Christophe Pellier,the clouds
in the vicinity of the Antarctic and the North Pole are captured brilliantly.
The SPC around 0 ° to 100 ° West west is invaded by dust storms and is hazy yellow.
In the image of Mr. Christophe Pellier,the clouds
in the vicinity of the Antarctic and the North Pole are captured brilliantly. Mr. Bruce Macdonald's image is drawing attention.
The thick part of the dust storm is recorded in the north-south vertical strip. Perhaps it is developing to a high altitude like the SPC.
Also,this image shows the extent of the dust storm very well. Mr. Hatanaka's image is interesting. In RGB,Syrtis Major hardly appears,
but it looks very good if it is IR,and it is obvious that RGB has big influence of dust storm. This RGB image is recorded in such a form as
giving a slight contrast to the Mars surface as seen by macroscopic observation. A sunny day was seen near Daedaria today.
Christopher Go 's image records the appearance of dust storm entering the SPC and becoming a tall white cloud. It spreads to
the north side than the latitude of the original SPC. This situation is also recorded in IR image of Mr. Milika-Nicholas.

(by 13 observations ;reported by Makoto Adachi)

Clyde Foster
Poor conditions. This face of Mars is almost unrecognisable with very little detail visible.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Christophe Pellier
Follow-up of the storm from this morning ! I think the storm is only reaching its paroxysm now.
And that it could be even denser et wide than in 2001.

[Christophe Pellier  Bruz City,France]

Guilherme Grassmann
Left side of planet under sand storm,
not visible Arabia Area,Sinus Sabaeus.
Mare Acidalium  still visible

[Guilherme Grassmann,Americana-San Paulo,Brasil]

Bruce Macdonald

(Bruce Macdonald : Punta Gorda,Florida USA)

Simon Kidd
Some familiar shapes visible through all the dust

[Simon Kidd: Welwyn Herts,United Kingdom]

David Arditti
It looks here like there is a general semi-opque obscuration,but distinct thicker clouds of dust seem to be visible on the terminator.
N and S up images given.
[David Arditti: Edgware Middlesex HA8 5LW: United Kingdom]

Akitoshi Hatanaka
雨上がりだったが、案外揺れは少なかった。  しかし、模様の濃さは、昨日より薄かった。

≪三重県熊野市  畑中明利≫[Akitoshi Hatanaka:Kumano Mie Japan]

Christopher Go
Excellent conditions today.
Unfortunately,Mars still hides its prominent features with a global dust storm!
Mare Cimmerium is suppose to be at the CM but one could hardly see it!
Sinus Gomer is very faint but is slowly peeking out of the dust.
There is a hint of Elysium in the north.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]

Szabolcs Nagy

[Szabolcs Nagy: London United Kingdom]

Damian Peach
Poor seeing. The planet is unrecognisable. I include inset a view of how it should look!

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]

Marc Delcroix
Under average conditions,we can see again clouds on Northern polar area,
and close to the Southern polar area on the limb. South polar Cap show some details.
[Marc Delcroix  Tournefeuille,France]

Efrain Morales Rivera
Under dense Saharra dust aerosols.

[Efrain Morales Rivera  Aguadilla:Puerto Rico]

Only an iR610nm as the seeing was fairly pedestrian this night.

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

Paul Maxson

[ Paul Maxson:Surprise,Arizona,United States]

Vlamir da Silva Junior

[Vlamir da Silva Junior : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

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