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Mars Image 2018/06/01(UT)
佐々木一男,岩政隆一,荒川 毅,井上 修,熊森照明,中野雄吉,安達 誠,岡村修,尾崎公一
Efrain Morales Rivera,Robert Heffner,John Kazanas,Michael Rosolina,Paul Maxson

解説(安達)/ Comment by Makoto Adachi
1)地上観測を基にした解説(Comments based on images shot on the earth)
  Efrain Morales Rivera氏の画像を見ると、ダストストームの拡張部の先端が2つに分かれ、Margaritifer Sinusに差し掛かった様子を
画像はEfrain Morales Rivera氏以外にはなく、これ以上の様子は分からない。
 報告を送ってこられた多くの観測者は、TharsisからAmazonis付近を見ていた。安達を含め、何人かの観測者はSolis Lacus付近の
Olympus Monsは北半球にあり、目立った白雲は見られていない。
 John Kazanas氏の画像は非常によく細部が記録されている。小さなスポットも非常によくわかる画像だ。特に顕著なのはSPCがフリル状に
  Looking at Mr. Efrain Morales Rivera's image,the tip of the extension part of the dust storm is divided into two,and it shows how it came to
Margaritifer Sinus. The position so far is not bright,and it is recorded that the bright part is progressing. Today,unfortunately the images capturing
the dust storm are not in the other than Mr. Efrain Morales Rivera,I do not know the appearance any more.
Many observers who sent the report were watching Amazonis near Tharsis. Several observers,including Adachi,are observing near
Solis Lacus,but the dust storm can not be captured at the limit.
Both stratified volcanoes of Tharsis bark white clouds and are recorded in a bright spot shape in the blue image. The clouds on the mountain are
loosely flowed in the west-southwest direction,but this suggests the direction of the wind in this neighborhood. These clouds are pretty bright,
Adachi captures the state clearly even with the visual observation. In the vicinity,light white clouds are seen in the low latitudes. Olympus Mons
is in the northern hemisphere,and noticeable clouds are not seen.
The picture of Mr. John Kazanas is very well recorded details. The small spot is also a very well understood picture. Particularly
remarkable is that the SPC is frill-shaped,so that it is not formed stepwise at the periphery of the polar cap. The situation was recorded.
The Arctic is recorded pale butcovered with white clouds.
(by 12 observations ;reported by Makoto Adachi)

2)MRO画像を基にした解説(Comment based on the image from MRO)

  The path of the dust storm has made a wide strip of bright areas. There are very few observation reports from the ground and 
it is difficult to match with the MRO image. Although it seems to be pretty bright from the MRO image, it seems that the observation 
from the ground is not that bright except for the tip part. The tip of the dust storm reached the equator at this point.

Efrain Morales Rivera

[Efrain Morales Rivera  Aguadilla:Puerto Rico]

Kazuo Sasaki

[K.Sasaki:Ohsaki-City Miyagi-Prefecture Japan]
≪宮城県大崎市  佐々木一男≫

Ryuichi Iwamasa

≪神奈川県横浜市  岩政隆一≫[Ryuichi Iwamasa:Kanagawa:Japan]

Tsuyoshi Arakawa

≪奈良県奈良市  荒川 毅≫[Tsuyoshi Arakawa:Nara Japan]

Robert Heffner
Decent conditions this time with the jet stream taking a break finally!
Evening clouds are clearly visible in the 19:33UT image,
and were also prominent on the monitor during capture.
Image looks bright on my one PC but slightly dark (?) for some reason on my other one,
will work on perfecting that hopefully.

[Robert Heffner:Osaka,Japan]

John Kazanas
As I am also now taking images of Mars,it would be appreciated if you can direct me
to the right email address of relevant people/organisations for amateur images of Mars
and also if you would like to be included.
Apologies if you have received this un-necessarily and if it is of no interest to you
because you are focused only on Jupiter.

[John Kazanas,Melbourne Australia]

Michael Rosolina
This is my first time posting to ALPO Japan
but I have been posting to ALPO and CMO for several years.

[Michael Rosolina : Friars Hill,WV  USA]

Osamu Inoue

≪大阪府  枚方市  井上  修≫[Osamu Inoue. Hirakata-shi,Osaka,Japan]

Teruaki Kumamori

≪大阪府堺市 熊森照明≫[Teruaki Kumamori:Ohsaka Japan]

Yuukichi Nakano

≪大分県大分市 中野雄吉≫
[Yuukichi Nakano : Ohita-Ohoita prefecture Japan]

Makoto Adachi
Ascraeus Mons が白く目立っていた。B47フィルターでは白雲が見える。Amazonis付近は目立つものがなく、観測は苦労した。
≪滋賀県  大津市  安達  誠≫[Makoto Adachi:Siga Japan]

Osamu Okamura

[Osamu Okamura (Kobe-City Hyogo-Pre. Japan)]
≪兵庫県神戸市  岡村  修≫

Kimikazu Ozaki

[Ki.Ozaki,Sobue Inazawa Aichi JAPAN]
≪愛知県稲沢市祖父江町  尾崎公一≫

Paul Maxson
Below average seeing, but the IR saved the day.

[ Paul Maxson:Surprise,Arizona,United States]

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