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Venus Image 2017/08/11(UT)

Toshihisa Tsurumi,Paul G. Abel

Toshihisa Tsurumi

ቪRRs  ߊCqv[Toshihisa Tsurumi:Okayama-City Okayama-Prefecture Japan]

Paul G. Abel
Alas, seeing was poor and the sky a little hazy but the planet is still fairly easy to pick up in the daytime sky.  Points of note include:
Illuminated Disk:  Not much on the disk apart from a vague dusky streak to the south, extending out from the terminator into the disk.
Bright Limb Band: Visible and Complete.
Terminator: Geometrically regular.
Cusp Caps: Hard to be sure in these conditions but perhaps the southern cusp was brighter.
Cusp Collars: Rather difficult but both looked about equal.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]

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