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Venus Image 2017/03/17(UT)

Michel Deconinck,Ferenczi Imre

Michel Deconinck (150mm refractor,300mm Newtonian)
This is a set of two pastel (white on black) made of Venus with my refractor 102/1000.
The left image was made with my bino Vixen 126mm and Vixen 7mm EP
The right image was made with my refractor 102mm F10 the used magnification was here 200x.
On both sketches a red filter #25A was used to detect the venus cusp's limits.

[Michel Deconinck : [Artignosc-sur-Verdon,France]]

Ferenczi Imre(127mm refractor)

[Ferenczi Imre,Budapest - Magyarorszag HUNGARY]

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