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Venus Image 2017/03/10(UT)

Stanislas Maksmowicz,Fumega Camilo Ucha,Marco Guidi,Frank J Melillo,Rudolf A.Hillebrecht,Antonio Vilchez

Stanislas Maksymowicz (280mm,230mm cassegrain or 200mm VMC or 150mm refracter)
Here is the report of Venus performed on 10th March with the R90mm refractor and the VMC 200.
In spite of the sky conditions,AL was there.Please refer to the reports considering the filters in use.

[Stanislas Maksymowicz  Ecquevilly,France]

Fumega Camilo Ucha(310mm.Newton)
A bit of better seeing this sunset.

[Fumega Camilo Ucha  : Galicia,Spain]

Marco Guidi (600mm Dobsonian)

[Marco Guidi,Italy]

Frank J Melillo(254mm SC)

[Frank J Melillo  Holtsville NY U.S.A]

Rudolf A. Hillebrecht (356mm SC)
A fine Venus observation vom March 10th. How big Venus appears in the telescope.

[Rudolf A.Hillebrecht: Bad Gandersheim,Germany ]

Antonio Vilchez (200mm Newtonian)

[Antonio Vilchez : [Pedro Martinez,Spain]]

Kimikazu Ozaki(440mm Rfd)

[Ki.Ozaki,Sobue Inazawa Aichi JAPAN]

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