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Venus Image 2017/01/05(UT)

Paul G. Abel,Tijn Sullot

Paul G. Abel(508mm Dall-Kirkham)
Although both caps were bright,I thought the southern cusp was rather more striking.  There was also some dark shading apparent in the north.
Seeing was rather poor today but still some interesting features present:
Illuminated Disk: Some darker shading towards the north as well as general disk shading.  As usual the effects were more pronounced in a W47 filter.
Bright Limb Band: Visible and Complete- brighter spot present near the south cusp cap?
Terminator: Geometrically regular.  Cusp Caps: Both present,quite bright.  Cusp Collars: Both present.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]

Tijn Sullot (254mm f6 Newtonian)
In uv light there are prominent dark markings visible that reminds me a bit of the Moon.
In ir light there are also some soft details visible, especially near the terminator of the planet.
North is up.

[Tijn Sullot : Roermond,The Netherlands]

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