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Saturn Image 2017/05/25(UT)

David Gray,Walter Martins

David Gray
We are enjoying some fine summer weather in the UK. High pressure with the jetstream well north of here.
This bringing settled air that often extends even down to Saturnfs current altitude of 13 degrees; such as it had this a.m.
Seeing mainly Antoniadi II-III,near where the apodizer works best and making it more like II or better at times.
Commencing some routine intensity estimates at 01h. UT I came to sense that part of the NEB(S) was looking somewhat darker with a slight hump into the EZ.
Eye-estimating the sketch with WinJUPOS puts the hump (projection) near L1 200 deg.

[David Gray: Spennymoor Co. Durham,United Kingdom]

Walter Martins

[Walter Martins : SAO PAULO BRAZIL]

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