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Saturn Image 2017/02/25(UT)
Tiziano Olivetti,Damian Peach,Milika-Nicholas

Tiziano Olivetti(410mm Dall Kirkham)
My first Saturn of this season,under good seeing but very poor transparency.

[Tiziano Olivetti : Bangkok Thailand]

Hidetugu Hashino(305mm Newtonian)

t؍XÎs pk[Hidetugu Hashino:Chiba:Japan]

Damian Peach (1000mm Cassegrain)
Here is the first Saturn of the apparition. Despite being four months until opposition the result was very good.
Seeing was good (though not excellent) but large aperture on Saturn really seems to work wonders.
The hexagon is nicely seen. Also note the Encke division is seen around the whole of ring A.

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]

Milika-Nicholas (355mm SCT)
There is an rgb image...also an animation of 2 r-channel images. 
Some disk activity appears to be present, even at this early stage of the apparition.

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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