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Neptune Image 2017/11/28(UT)


We imaged Neptune on 27th & 28th November with nothing to see on the presented face of the planet on 27th, but despite a set of very unfortunate incidents got "something" on the 28th...
We were faced with several self-imposed issues, mainly from driving in 45C heat for several hundred kms from our first imaging location to the next & becoming very tired even before we set the scope etc up...but the re-location was necessary to avoid cloud fronts coming in from both the east & west unfortunately. :(
With a nearby Moon & further "accidents" it took well over an hour to target Neptune, which was down to 45 in elevation by then...& 41 for the 2nd image capture.
Very hot, sweltering conditions to boot until a cool breeze came in just after finishing the 2nd capture - sending the seeing & onscreen image to a mushy blur..! :(
Regardless, there appears to be 2 bright spots/regions in both captures...the first capture showing a near-Equatorial feature better than the southern latitude feature...& vice-versa for the 2nd capture.....but the animated gif does seem to display both "spots" sufficiently to "suggest" that each is not merely artefact. ;)
Here are the images & animation as well as WinJUPOS measurements - we will attempt to continue imaging Neptune but it is becoming very difficult nowadays... :(

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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