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Neptune Image 2017/11/24(UT)

Martin R Lewis

Martin R Lewis
I made this observation of Neptune last Friday in moderately poor seeing. Given Marcs ephemeris I had expected to image some equatorial spots 
but was unable to make out any common features moving with the disc in this four frame giff animation over a 30minute period. 
Details on the image and Triton added in from a separate avi taken at 20.00UT. Best image was from 19-55UT and I have added this as an attachment.
Hoping it is useful anyway and also hoping for an improvement in the dreadful spell of weather we have been having 
in the UK in the last few weeks to enable more imaging before Neptune disappears behind a large oak tree to my SW.

By combining the best 30% of 20mins of data over a 28min period and being harder on the wavelet processing I may have rescued something useful from my 24th Nov. session. 
No animation and no derotation in Winjupos although I may try derotating the whole video. 
Seems to be something on the equatorial region and nearer the pole possibly.

[Martin R Lewis: Hertfordshire United Kingdom]

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