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Neptune Image 2017/11/08(UT)

Milika-Nicholas,Andy Casely

Here are more images of Neptune,from 8th November 2017,taken in very poor seeing conditions.
Despite this,the bright Eq. storm was picked up fairly easily,attesting to how bright it is from the resultant contrast & abiity to "resolve" it,even in said seeing...
Marc Delcroix' ephemeris continues to work very well,the spot measurement we made from the only capture stack worth doing so was 302.7 at  UT 11:36 where Marc's ephemeris predicted 303 at UT 13:05.....taking into account error tolerances in both our measurements & those factored into the ephemeris,a quite remarkable corellation. :)
A jittery animation was able to be put together from all but one of the capture stacks we made,despite the poor seeing & Neptune sinking below 40 at the end - the dark sub-equatoral band can also be made out in the images if one looks carefullly. ;)

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

Andy Casely
First light image with new C14 scope. Bright equatorial spot in view.

[Andy Casely,Sydney,Australiaa]

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