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Neptune Image 2017/10/30(UT)

Clyde Foster

Clyde Foster
A preliminary result from this evening, 30 Oct. 
This is likely one of the best opportunities I will have to detect the equatorial storm and 
I was able to capture just over an hour of data, with 10min avi captures at 9fps. 
The rotation of the spot could be detected and in the later images it does appear 
that there is a less bright region following the main bright spot.  
This was probably the sharpest of the images so far- possibly a bit over processed,
 but I was trying to enhance as best I could. 
I used 1.5x drizzle in AS3! and a further2x resizing in PS.
I have also enhanced Triton to make it clearly visible. 
This capture is 10mins after the transit that was projected by Marc Delcroix.
The Winjupos orientation is at upper right.
I will spend some time trying to get the best out of the data, 
and also see if I can get a reasonable GIF.
But I thought I would circulate this initial result in the meantime.

I think I forgot to circulate the attached consolidated results from 30 October to my outer planet circulation list.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

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