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Neptune Image 2017/08/29(UT)


The outcome from the imaging session on 29th August showed no sign of the the bright EQ spot, only lighter & darker shadings that moved with the rotation of Neptune: this was similat to the image outcomes from 24th August 2017.
This was also important in our efforts to image the entire globe of Neptune to determine whether the EQ spot was still in existance...the 4 sessions over a 1 week period meant we had imaged the entire globe of Neptune with no sign of the bright EQ spot.
Although there is still the possibility that this feature might still be in existance due to the high drift rate estimates near the equator, this is probably unlikely.
We are in communication with both the PVOL PlanetCam & Keck imaging teams...the Keck also imaging on 10th August & 25/26th August but no sign of the spot was registered in these images also, with those professionals also thinking the spot might have dissipated.
This means our own images from the 10th June & 14th July were the first & last times the spot was recorded...a period of 34 days which in itself is still very unusual given the very fierce winds on Neptune in that region.
Here is the animation from 29th August showing only those subliminal lighter & darker shading moving with the planet's rotation... :)

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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