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Neptune Image 2017/07/14(UT)


There is a clear bright spot visible in all 6 of the iR610nm images we captured that morning & 
the accompanying gif animation shows this quite nicely...
unfortunately I could not correct the slight "rocking" motion apparent during this animation's movement 
because I suspect some form of atmospheric displacement had occurred in a frame/s across the individual captures... :
(Nonetheless it displays the spot's motion quite well - we suspect that there is a smaller spot immediately above & 
to the left of the more obvious one, & possibly another fainter brightening lower down on the disk...
3 of the total of 6 images captured for the animation are included here along with the RAW (unprocessed) stacks for 
each of these 3...the bright storm spot can easily be seen in these unsharpened Neptune images also. :)

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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