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Neptune Image 2017/06/10(UT)


On 10th June 2017 we captured our first good Neptune images for 2017. 
Storm activity is clearly evident in the Northern Hemisphere as it was in the 2016 apparition - 
we are uncertain whether this is a long-lasting storm spot that was evident in our 2016 images over a 5 month period...
or whether it is a possibility that these latitudes on Neptune are the source of multiple storms.
Here are 3 iR610nm images with an animation - all clearly showing the bright storm spot...other less clear albedo variations can be seen moving with the animated sequence...
This bright storm spot was also captured in the red channel recording & also the r-g-b captures, resulting in the red channel image & the rgb image also shown here.
Colour values were altered slightly to create the colour balance shown in the rgb image, to approximate NASA colour renderings...


This image is the result of combining the 3 previous iR610nm images we sent a few days ago - as well, 
here is another ir610 animation where we interpolated another 2 frames using WinJUPOS to create a smoother animation.

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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