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Mercury Image 2017/03/28(UT)

Michel Deconinck,Rudolf A.Hillebrecht

Michel Deconinck
This is my first pastel of Mercury (white on black) made with my refractor 152/1200,the used magnification was 240x to 480x.
To achieve this sketch I spend more than one hour to detect some details. I used the yellow filter #12.

[Michel Deconinck : Artignosc-sur-Verdon,France]

Rudolf A. Hillebrecht
Captured a highly detailed Mercury today. 
Seeing was average with frequent sharp moments in between. 
These gave consistently detailed images from three videos, 
their resulting images were stacked for this final version. 
About a dozen certain objects can be identified in the comparison with WinJupos simulation. 
My best (or at least second best) Mercury image ever.

[Rudolf A.Hillebrecht: Bad Gandersheim,Germany ]

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