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Venus Image 2016/12/27(UT)

Stanislas Maksmowicz,Martin R Lewis,Tijn Sullot,Stefano Quaresima

Stanislas Maksymowicz (280mm,230mm cassegrain or 200mm VMC or 150mm refracter)

[Stanislas Maksymowicz  Ecquevilly,France]

Martin R Lewis (444mm Newton)
Another lucky opening in the thin high cloud on 27th December allowed Venus
and Mars to be imaged in good conditions during the current period of stable
air over the UK.
Venus showing some cloud detail in UV light and IR for comparison.

[Martin R Lewis: Hertfordshire United Kingdom]

Tijn Sullot (254mm f6 Newtonian)
My very first UV(G)IR of Venus. North is up.

[Tijn Sullot : Roermond,The Netherlands]

Stefano Quaresima(406mm SC)
Venus images 2016/12/27 15:28UT 
Telescope: Meade LX200 16" ACF
Planetary camera:Magzero I Nova PLAMX
Astrodon UVfilter

[Stefano Quaresima:Italy - Olevano Romano (Rome)]

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