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Venus Image 2016/11/28(UT)

Tijn Sullot,Rudolf A.Hillebrecht

Tijn Sullot (254mm f6 Newtonian)
Here is an image of Venus in IR light taken on 28-11-16.
The atmosphere was quit turbulent,but nonetheless there are still some nice details visible.
South is up.

[Tijn Sullot : Roermond,The Netherlands]

Rudolf A. Hillebrecht (356mm SC)
Venus has reached her southenrmost declinations during this year. Despite its low location in the sky observations are possible duruing daylight hours or in the beginning of twilight. Attached the results of Nov. 28th in IR-Pass and UV and as mix of both with the G-channel made by a mixture of IR and UV. UV is quite difficult at the moment for my northern location (+52 N).

[Rudolf A.Hillebrecht: Bad Gandersheim,Germany ]

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