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Uranus Image 2016/08/23(UT)

Alexander Obukhov,David Gray,Stanislas Maksmowicz

Alexander Obukhov (280mm SC)
Celestron C11, 2.5x barlow, Baader >610 nm, ASI290MM 36000 frames x 30 ms

[Alexander Obukhov: Moscow Russsia]

David Gray (415mm Dall-Kirkham)
A light stretch in the leading half of the NTrZ looked real enough to add to the sketch.
At least two satellites seen in spite of the moon only some 8 away;
demonstrating that steady seeing is needed as well as very good transparency.
The view in the scope is north-up and I was definitely catching Titania and
Oberon with my upper peripheral vision when scrutinising the planet without the apodizer.
Thus directing my attention to them further suggested Ariel too was being glimpsed.
Seeing was breaking down after 00:50 UT but still the occasional glimpse of Titania.
The very dark field (in spite of the moon) with the x610 eyepieces was particularly helpful of course.

[David Gray: Spennymoor Co. Durham,United Kingdom]

Stanislas Maksymowicz (280mm,230mm cassegrain or 200mm VMC or 150mm refracter)
Here is a report ofUranus performed last 23th with the 152mm refractor, carefully aligned and collimated.
Nothing else than the banding difference albedo as shown.
Have good receipt of the present mail.
Too hot weather on day here, but good moments also on limited period times.

[Stanislas Maksymowicz  Ecquevilly,France]

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