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Saturn Image 2016/07/05(UT)

Paul G. Abel

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
Please find attached an observation of Saturn I made with Dr Hugh Sasse at the University of Leicester observatory on 5th July. Seeing conditions were marginally better than they were for Mars, but still never better than AIV. Alas, this is my first observation of the planet in the current apparition- the planet is obscured form my observatory at home and the skies have been rather cloudy of late! A number of features were present on the disk:
The globe:
- Faint equatorial belt visible
- NEB broad, the southern edge appeared to be the darkest part with some slight darker condensations present.
- NTB and NNTB visible.
- NPR seemed to contain a greenish case. The North Polar Hexagon could not be seen
The Rings:
- A-Ring contained a brownish-grey colour.
- B1-Ring was bright but slightly yellow (an effect of low altitude most likely)
- C-Ring could be made out
- Cassini Division seen but it could not be traced all the way around the ansae.

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