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Saturn Image 2016/06/06(UT)

Vlamir da Silva Junior,Matic Smrekar,Peter Edwards,Charles Triana
V.da Silva Jr.,M.Smrekar,P.Edwards,C.Triana

Vlamir da Silva Junior (203mm SCT)

[Vlamir da Silva Junior : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

Matic Smrekar (300mm Newtonian)
Seeing was decent but variable this night. I made one RGB than clouds
partialy covered the sky and I made only one R image.

[Matic Smrekar: Ljubljana,Slovenija (Europe)]

Peter Edwards(C14 355mm SC)

[Peter Edwars: West Sussex United Kingdom]

Charles Triana(254mm SC)
2016/06/06 UT 07:46:36
CM= 97.3/ 189.9/ 86.5 
SCT LX200UHTC 254mm + Barlow 2x + RGB Filters + ASI120MM @ 0.11h/pixel (f/27)
RGB: 782/765/234 frames @ 13/12/3 fps
S: 5/10 ? T: 4/5 ? Alt: 39

[Charles Triana : Bogota - Colombia]

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