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Saturn Image 2016/03/05(UT)

Clyde Foster,Fernando Silva Correa,Trevor Barry

Clyde Foster(355mm SCT)
IR and colour images from this morning under reasonable conditions. I did take 3 IR and Colour images over a period of 11 mins and compared them for any activity. I could not detect anything significant.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]
Fernando Silva Correa (355mm,235mm SC)
Seeing 10-10 Trans 8-10

[Fernando Silva Correa: Santiago,Chile]

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn March 5th in the best seeing I have had this apparition. There are 5 white spots in my data, all are visible in RGB with only the brightest one prominent in IR and R data.
For each set I have an inset of a more heavily processed version which clearly show these spots.
I measure them as follows; in the IR data set from 19:20 UTC one spot at Lat +24 L3 303.1
in the R data set from 18:58:54 UTC one spot at Lat +24.2 L3 303.1
in the RGB data set from 18:33:30 UTC four white spots Lat +24.6 L3 303.7, Lat +29.9 L3 321.6, Lat +29.9 L3 264.4, Lat +29.9 L3 244.9
The brightest spot is well seen in animations of my 685nm IR, R and RGB data.
All four white spots are well seen in my RGB animation.
I have attached the animations here.
I am not a fan of wildly oversized, resampled data, which to me often looks ugly and full of noise, however I have made an exception with one of these RGB images which I have attached here. Note: I have also attached the same image, with inset, at the native plate scale for my current imaging train.

[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]
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