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Saturn Image 2016/02/16(UT)

Clyde Foster,Trevor Barry

Clyde Foster(355mm SCT)
Conditions were fairly poor.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]
Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
In my Feb 16th data, in all filters there is a bright feature in the EZ, it is accompanied by a dark feature which is immediately above and slightly leading it.
I measure the centre of the bright feature to be at Lat +8.7 L1 342.9, L3 77.1
I measure the centre of the dark feature to be at Lat 0 L1 340.5, L3 74.8
This feature looks very similar to the one I tracked through 2015, strikingly like my data from Sept 28th 2015.
All data sets include an inset of the feature that was more heavily processed.
I have attached animations of the more heavily processed data
Note that there is also a bright spot that shows up in RGB at Lat +44.2 L3 84 it is more difficult to see so I have added indicator arrows to the insets.
Also note that the EZ feature is so bright that it shows up well even in the Polar projections, the +44.2 spot also shows up in the RGB Polar projections.
Regarding the bright & seemingly associated dark EZ feature. For a comparison I have attached here a 685nm IR data set from Sept 28th 2015 along with one of the frames from my Feb 16th 2016 animation. Both features are strikingly similar.


[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]
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