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Neptune Image 2016/08/22(UT)

David Gray

David Gray (415mm Dall-Kirkham)
As the planet climbs slowly higher in our sky here at 55 north Triton becomes ever easier and crisper.  
So much so that starting two apparitions ago I felt to sense some colour in it.  
Strangely with the 415mm (16.3h) D-K I tend to lose colour in stars around mag.12.5 
unless they are strongly hued like the carbon stars when maybe a little beyond 13.0c.
Thus with 13.5 Triton I am perplexed to get a faint tan hue.  
I suspect that this is some sort of complementary effect with Neptunefs blue cast. 
In fact Tritonfs apparent hue appears close to the inverse of Neptunefscc.
perhaps that contrast is actually enabling me to get something of the satellitefs tintc..???

[David Gray: Spennymoor Co. Durham,United Kingdom]

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