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Venus Image 2015/08/21(UT)

Ferenczi Imre,Dan Petersen

Ferenczi Imre(127mm refractor)
2015-08-21     10:14 - 10:52 UT

[Ferenczi Imre,Budapest - Magyarorszag HUNGARY]

Dan Petersen(355mm SC)
Please add this Venus image to my August 21, 2015 posting. Thank you! Dan Petersen: Racine, Wisconsin (USA). Comments: This Venus image was obtained on August 21, 2015 at 15:01:33 UT. I used my Meade 14" LX200 GPS/UHTC scope along with a ZWO ASI120MC camera for all three of these Venus captures, seeing was 6/10. The first or top image (AJ6) was captured at 15:04:38 UT, I used AS!2 and 300 AP's for that one and processed it normally with Rv6. The blue sky or middle image (AJ9) was processed using 425 AP's in AS!2, and as stated above was enhanced to show the reddish color of the Venusian atmosphere were long red solar wavelengths are refracting through the NNE limb from latitude +70 thru +90.

[Dan Petersen:Racine Wisconsin USA]
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