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Venus Image 2015/06/23(UT)

Paul G. Abel,Martin R Lewis

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
Attached is an observation of Venus made on the 23rd June in the bright evening sky. The seeing wasn't bad at times (around AIII) and some interesting features were present on the disk:
Illuminated disk: In IL and the W25A filter there seemed to be a number of dusky streaks visible,however in the W47 they were completely absent from the disk.
Unilluminated Disk: Not visible
Bright Limb Band: Visible and complete
Terminator: Geometrically regular in IL and the W47. however in the W25A,it seemed that the SPC extended slightly into the terminator. The dark terminator shading was very apparent in the W47 filter.
Cusp Regions: The SPH was a little smaller than before but still larger than the NPH which was brighter.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
Martin R Lewis (245mm Newton)

[Martin R Lewis: Hertfordshire United Kingdom]

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