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Venus Image 2015/05/11(UT)

Paul G. Abel,Zoltan Bekesi

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
Please find attached an observation of Venus made this evening. There were a number of interesting features on the disk,which I examined in IL and with a W25A and W47 filters. Main points of note were the following:
Illuminated disk: A number of different features seen. In IL there seemed to be a bright region near the disk centre as well as some darker streaks. The darker markings were somewhat more muted in the W25A,however they really stood out in the W47. In particular,in the W47 the NPC seemed rather bright with another bright spot nearby. A very dark grey streak immediately north of the NPC was also present.
Unilluminated disk: not seen
Bright Limb Band: Visible and complete- very bright in IL and the W25A.
Terminator: Geometrically regular
Cusp Caps: Both present,the norther cusp looked brighter in the W47 filter
Cusp Collars: Both seem to be present.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
Randy B. Christensen(305mm Newton)
2015/05/11 16:48 (UT)
305mm Newton, Panasonic DMC-ZX1
Seeing 6/10 Trans 7/10
Baader IR Pass (685nm)
719 frames
Afokal: 4mm Plossl

[Zoltan Bekesi,Urkut,Hungary]

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