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Uranus Image 2015/09/25(UT)

Randy B.Christensen,Alexander Obukhov

Randy B. Christensen(C8 203mm SC)
356 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain (C14 Edge HD) : ASI224MC Baader IR685 filter
Seeing 4/10, Trans 4/5

[Randy B. Christensen,Livermore,California,US]

Alexander Obukhov (280mm SC)
I decided to spend one night for color imaging. The goal was to get correct
color of the planet.
I have performed the following to obtain true color: use of dispersion
corrector, background subtraction and setting the color balance with
artificial white field.

Color of the planet is very close to the color of Neptune (see my picture
from 2015/09/25) .
Belts are visible in red channel

Celestron C11, 2.5x barlow, Pierro Astro ADC, Baader UV/IR Cut, ASI224MC
40000 frames x 33 ms
Color scheme: RRGB

[Alexander Obukhov: Moscow Russsia]

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