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Uranus Image 2015/09/18(UT)

Constantin Sprianu,Milika-Nicholas

Constantin Sprianu(245mm Cassegrain)
Despite the less than ideal conditions,with wind and under average seeing,
I managed to get the brighter polar area and four of the sattelites.
245mm Cassegrain
Seeing 4/10,Transparency 7/10

[Constantin Sprianu:Otopeni,Romania]

Milika-Nicholas (355mm SCT)
Here are our latest images of Uranus from 18th September 2015 
The ASI224MC colour camera is proving extremely useful for imaging both
Uranus & Neptune when used with the iR610nm or iR685nm filters.
Here are  iR610nm & iR685nm filter images of Uranus from the 18th...also an
iR-RGB image using the iR685nm capture as luminance/detail on top of an rgb
capture using just the "L" filter. 

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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