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Saturn Image 2015/10/14(UT)

Trevor Barry

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Targeted the +63 dark spot Oct 14th. As currently I only have a window of approx 30 minutes and shrinking to capture Saturn data, having the longitude of the polar spot available is providing rather scant opportunities. My WinJUPOS generated ephemeris has been a great help.
I only had one 685nm IR data set that resolves the spot nicely, the first 9 minutes of the session.
I measure the spot to be at Lat +64.2 L3 301.2
The drift rate continues to be very stable at approx -11.4 deg/day.
As this may well be my final contribution for this apparition I have attached my updated drift chart. This contains data from Anthony Wesley, Phil Miles, Damian Peach, Chris Go and myself.

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