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Saturn Image 2015/09/28(UT)

Trevor Barry

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn early this evening, the seeing was only fair and not up to RGB imaging, that said I have resolved the EZ dark & bright clouds along with the NTrZ +44 bright cloud. This data has been more heavily processed than I normally would to resolve these features.
I have 3 685nm IR data sets at approx 20 minute intervals, have also attached an animation of these data here which nicely hi-light all reported features.
I measure the dark EZ cloud to be at Lat +0.3 L1 139.3 L2 89.1 L3 289.6 with the seemingly associated EZ bright cloud to be at Lat +7.6 L1 137.5 L2 88.3 L3 288.8
I measure the bright NTrZ cloud to be at Lat +44.2 L3 273.6. comparing this measurement to the one of the same object captured Sept 24th the drift is approx 2.775 L3 deg/day which is comparable to the drift of the anticyclone fossil from the Great Storm which I have tracked right through to 2015.

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