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Saturn Image 2015/09/26(UT)

Trevor Barry

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Targeted the +63 disturbance Sept 26th in fair to good seeing. Currently I am acquiring Saturn just after Sunset with the sky still quite bright and only about 1 hour before Saturn sinks below 40 degrees alt.
This 2 frame animation using 685nm IR data sets at 30 minute intervals nicely hi-lights the +63 disturbance.
Have also attached my updated drift chart which has a data point from this session along with a data point from Phil Miles from rather nice data he captured Sept 23rd.
I will be away for a week from Sept 30th so my Saturn season my be coming to an end, notwithstanding some exceptional seeing at 30 degrees alt. Thus far since Jan 1st 2015 I have uploaded 583 Saturn data sets to PVOL. & ALPO Japan.

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