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Saturn Image 2015/09/25(UT)

Trevor Barry

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn Sept 25th, the seeing continues to co-operate as the high pressure systems continue to track across our continent.
I note an EZ feature consisting of a dark and bright cloud that seem to be associated. These features are best seen in my 685nm IR data from 09:01 UTC (to the F side of the CM) and at 09:30 UTC (at the CM). I measured both features from the 09:30 UTC data with the dark EZ cloud at Lat -0.1 L1 149.8 L2 196.9 L3 40.9 with the bright EZ cloud at Lat +6.9 L1 148.2 L2 195.3 L3 39.4
The IR animation attached here hi-lights both features.

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